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Terms and Conditions

Your acceptance of our estimate is your understanding and agreement of our Terms & Conditions listed below:


Booking – To schedule start dates 3 weeks or further out, a $50 non refundable payment is required. 1/2 down payment and key to property is due 7 days prior to project start date. We know you’d love to walk on your new floor and see the finished product so Final Balance is due 24 hours after final coat is applied. Payment method for 1/2 Down and Final balance is Cash or Check. A 2% fee is added if Credit Card payment is needed. A 10% late payment fee will be added to your balance every friday payment is not received after it’s due date.

Payments and Keys can be mailed to:

Old to Gold
2940 44th St Sw
Suite G
Grandville, MI 49418

Entry – Customer is required to leave a house key with down payment 7 days prior to start date. Old To Gold will place a lock box on customers house for crew access. We will give you the code information upon start date. Once project is complete we will leave key inside customers home and remove lockbox from property.

Scheduling - Your start date and time line will be honored unless delays arise in weather, previous customer changes, finish dry times etc. Our Team Leader will communicate with you with as much advance notice as possible when we are aware of delays. We ask for your flexibility and understanding when we need to move back a start date or completion date. Our goal is to start your project and finish your project that same week. Projects starting on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will more than likely be completed the following Monday or Tuesday. As a rule of thumb plan on 3-4 business days for every 500 Sq ft of Refinishing or Installation. If you are on a tight time line and need a project completed in 1-2 business days, then our Rubio Mono-coat finish system upgrade is highly recommended.


Wood orders – In addition to and at time of down payment, all wood purchases must be paid in full. Wood flooring, stairs, vents, moldings, transitions and any other wood related purchases are non refundable. Wood needs to be ordered and delivered to property 5 days prior to project completion so wood can acclimate to your homes environment.

Changes – We understand plans can change like rooms being added, stain color switched etc. Changes must be approved by Management and an updated invoice will be emailed to customer for approval.


Trim & Shoe Molding - If there is shoe molding currently installed to your baseboards, it is highly recommended to remove it or have us remove it for an additional fee. If you choose to leave it on it will be bumped, nicked and scuffed and you will probably need to do some touch up painting. In many cases, the older the shoe, the more likely it can break when removing so installing new shoe molding is recommended. Removing or re-installing shoe is not automatically included. It is an extra service.

Dust - Dust will be generated. We plastic off any and all rooms not being sanded, seal duct vents and upon final coat wipe down trim, doors, window ledges and other areas close to the floor. You are more than welcome to live at home during the process but it will not feel as clean and comfortable as you might like. House cleaning service may be added on for an additional fee which will be performed the day after final coat is dried.

Stairs – We refinish the treads only. Risers and side risers may be sanded, stained and finished for an additional fee.

Transitions, Reducers & Moldings - are not automatically removed, installed, sanded, stained or finished as part of the process. If you currently have transition strips and reducers in place, you will need to specifically notate with the sales manager and/or project manager that you want them refinished or new ones purchased and installed. This will have to be quoted separately as there are a lot of different options to choose from.

Carpet – If any areas of wood are attached directly to carpet, we recommend having the carpet pulled back prior to our arrival and re-tucked when the floors are done. If you choose to leave the carpet as is, we will use best practices to not damage the carpet but are not liable if sand paper, stain and finish damages the edge of the carpet.

Furniture & Appliances - We can move appliances & furniture for an additional fee. Please communicate clearly with us on what specific items you need us to move & where we can place them during the job.

Duct Work & Vents - There is no better time to get your ducts cleaned than after your hardwood floors are finished. We protect the returns with towels but still, it’s a construction process where lots of fine dust is generated. For an additional fee, we contract with several professional Duct Cleaning companies in West Michigan that can give you live video feedback on how clean or not so clean your vents are. We highly recommend using this service. It will enhance your furnaces efficiency & improve air quality in your home.


Stain Color - Color selected is final once applied. If you want a different color after your chosen stain color is applied, we will apply a new color for an additional and discounted fee of $o.35/Sq ft. If color cannot be determined prior to project start, we recommend an onsite stain test so you can see your floors true color and make your best decision.

Finishes - Sheen level is final once applied. If customer would like a different sheen after seeing final coat applied, we will apply an extra layer of finish of the customers desired sheen level at an additional fee of $0.35/Sq ft. Example (you pick satin, once dried think it’s too flat and want semi gloss). Stains, Sealers & Oil based finishes have a higher level of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which create an unpleasant smell, can burn your eyes and is not healthy for lungs in small pets, children and pregnant woman. With windows cracked, system fans, a/c and furnace running, odor should leave property within a couple days. It is not recommended for children and small pets to remain in the home during the staining and sealing process. If a Low VOC option is needed or desired, we recommend either our Zero VOC Rubio Mono-coat system, or our Bona Traffic Water Based Finish system.

Dry Times - Oil Based finishes dry to walk on in 8-12 hours. Furniture after 48 hours and area rugs after 2 weeks. Water Based finishes are dry to walk in 2-4 hours. Furniture in 24 hours and area rugs in 7 days. Rubio Mono-coat dries to walk in 1 hour. Furniture in 24 hours and area rugs in 7 days.


We know there’s a lot of information so don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions.

We look forward to serving you and taking your floors from “Old to Gold!”

- The Old To Gold Team